Adopt a tree

Campaign Adopt a Tree is a project initiated by GreenCyprusCom. Our aim is to encourage and support individuals and organisations to play their best part in reviving Cyprus forests and making our island greener. In just a few months, more than 1300 trees have been planted and adopted by our collaborated efforts. 

And what if you could adopt a tree as a gift to your child, spouse or best friend, or adopt one in memory of a loved one? Memorial tree is a unique idea for a meaningful, personalised, impactful and long-lasting gift that would touch hearts and protect our environment.

How to adopt a tree

You can choose the number of trees you want to adopt. Each tree you adopt “costs” 38€ and it covers buying a sapling, digging a planting hole, care and watering over the next 3 years. After your donation, contact us to receive your tree adoption certificate that has a name of adoptive parent and a unique tree number on it. You will be invited to our next tree-planting event—an exciting opportunity to help inspire environmental and social awareness in your children. Otherwise, we can plant it on your behalf.

Following the tree-planting, we will send you pictures and geographical coordinates of your baby tree! We will take care of your adopted tree as it grows, through the years. You can also check on it anytime, using the coordinates we will provide.


Partnering with us

We do provide a great partnership opportunity to businesses searching for creative and interactive ways to reach new, loyal and active customers, as well as connect with the local community. It is a great opportunity to build brand awareness and show your company’s support of an important cause: nature and environment!

By partnering with Adopt a Tree campaign you can increase your business exposure within the local and expat community and can enhance your customer base. The cross-marketing offered will benefit your business and strengthen your roots in the community, business circles and surrounding areas.

We offer various sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to your marketing goals and budget for greater results!

Contact us for more information on partnership opportunities.