How do I join the movement?

The nonprofit project GreenCyprusCom invites everyone who is committed and passionate about Cyprus to become a part of reforestation movement. You can plant a tree, make a donation to the organization’s account or just spread the word about the movement among your friends.  Together we will save the ecology and improve the environment of Cyprus for our families and future generations.

Consider this – as little as 38 EUR is enough to plant a sapling and give it a proper care for three years.

What it covers:

  • buying a sapling;
  • digging a planting hole;
  • care and watering over the next 3 years

You can become a member of the movement without changing your everyday routine by donating us any amount you can afford. Your contribution will save the ecosystem of Cyprus now and will make a difference in the future.

You can make a donation by transferring any amount to the bank account below.

Please write FOR CYPRUS FOREST in the PAYMENT DETAILS section.

Send us an e-mail if you would like us to put your name in the list of donors on our website.

IBAN : CY25 0050 0140 0001 4001 7800 3802
ACC NO : 140-01-780038-02 

*Please note that GreenCyprusCom does not disclose any information about its members to third-party organizations.

Plant a tree

You can participate in tree planting or help us organize our regular events. We are always looking for volunteers to help us plant trees and take care of them afterwards, arrange preparatory activities, get the necessary equipment, take participants to planting areas, and more.